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Higher Education Headlines: Sept. 9

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Democrats Taking Debate Stage at TSU Promise Billions for Schools Like it—Houston Chronicle
When the Democratic presidential hopefuls take the debate stage at Texas Southern University on Thursday, they’re likely to tout a range of policy proposals designed to woo people on campuses like it: Free college, student debt forgiveness and more.

New Semester, Same Frustrations for LGBTQ Students at Baylor—Houston Chronicle
After months of pressure on Baylor administration and its Board of Regents to meet and formally recognize its LGBTQ student group, Gamma Alpha Upsilon the students finally receive a response. [Subscription May Be Required.]

Education Dept. Levies a $4.5 Million Fine Against Michigan State Over Nassar Scandal—The Chronicle of Higher EducationThe U.S. Department of Education fined Michigan State University—the largest such penalty ever—for failing to comply with the federal campus-crime law known as the Clery Act. 

Two Years after Trump Announced An End to DACA, “Dreamers” Look Ahead with Hope and Anxiety—The Texas Tribune
The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on the case in November. Its decision will affect hundreds of thousands who received protections under the Obama administration.

Leader of MIT Media Lab Steps Down After Revelation of Extensive Ties to Jeffrey Epstein—The Chronicle of Higher Education
Joi Ito, director of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,resigns l after an exposé appeared in The New Yorker about the lab’s extensive ties to Jeffrey Epstein, the accused child-sex trafficker.

Rice Scientists Develop Clean Tech to Transform Carbon Dioxide Into Fuels—Houston Chronicle
New technology developed at Rice University could solve part of the puzzle in transitioning the world to a carbon-neutral future.
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Rice University Awarded Grant for ‘Mass Timber’ Building on Campus—Houston Chronicle
Rice has won a federal grant to help advance its plans to develop a building using "mass timber," a type of engineered wood touted as being more environmentally friendly than concrete or other materials. [Subscription May Be Required.]

Houston Texans, Rice University Partner for New Sports Pro Management Course—Houston Business Journal
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The course is designed to teach Rice students the business behind the game — including sessions on ticketing, public relations, event management, human resources and more.

“Nudging” Looked Like it Could Help Solve Key Problems in Higher Ed. Now That’s Not So Clear.—The Chronicle of Higher Education
One increasingly popular strategy for helping these students is to “nudge” them. Nudging, which is grounded in behavioral economics, uses low-cost, low-touch interventions to encourage, but not require, people to take a particular action.