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Higher Ed Headlines

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TSU to Break Ground on New Library—Houston Chronicle

Austin Lane, president of Texas Southern University, announces a $2.7 million gift from the Center for Advancing Opportunity to the University to start the Center for Justice Research.

Bill Would Hold University Presidents Accountable for Sexual Abuse by Employees—The Chronicle of Higher Education

The bill would require college and university presidents to certify annually that they have reviewed all incidents of sexual misconduct reported to their campus.

University of Houston to Require New Sexual Misconduct Training for Faculty—Houston Chronicle

UH will require all faculty and staff to undergo face-to-face sexual misconduct prevention training this semester.

University of North Texas Health Science Center to pay $13 million--Houston Chronicle

UNT medical school and research center must repay the U.S. government for violating certain rules related to use of federal research grants.

College Grads Aren't Ready for An AI World—The Wall Street Journal

Are the robots coming for your job? As many as one-third of American workers—about 50 million people—may need to find new lines of work by 2030.

A Group of Texas Lawmakers Wants to Fix Higher Education Funding, but It Won't be Easy—The Texas Tribune

A panel of state lawmakers is set to reconsider the complicated way Texas funds its public colleges and universities after an attempt to overhaul the system failed last year.