10:33 AM

Helpful Classroom and Building Operations Info for Faculty

tipsAs the summer sessions get underway, the Facilities Management Department would like to provide some general classroom and building operations information for faculty members.

  • Your key fob (and in some cases your parking card) acts as an electronic 'key' to unlock the classroom door.
  • Please use this same 'key' to secure the classroom at the end of your session, otherwise the room will remain unlocked.
  • The telephones in the classrooms can be used to reach Police, Multimedia, Facilities Management and several other campus service providers. Support hours vary with the service requested, but voice mail is always available so the classroom malfunction can be addressed on the following work day.
  • The major classroom support service providers, functions and working hours are as follows:

o UHD Police Department (24 / 7)

  • Electronic door access controls
  • After-class security escorts
  • Any other personal security issue

o Multi-Media Services (staffed during academic class hours)

  • Computer, projector, screen
  • All other classroom IT equipment

o Facilities Management (Monday-Friday until 5 p.m.)

  • Student and instructor furniture
  • Doors, walls, windows, blinds, ceilings
  • Cleanliness of room and drymarker boards
  • Air conditioning, lighting, power to receptacles
  • Custodial service for restrooms /classrooms / corridors or other items that require immediate Facilities Management attention after our normal working hours should be reported to UHD Police via their non-emergency phone number - 713.221.8065.
  • The campus classroom buildings have full fire suppression systems (sprinklers) in addition to fire detection / notification systems (alarms). In the event of an alarm, the proper first action is to take a heightened state of awareness and prepare to evacuate. If you observe evidence of fire, the proper action at that time would be to evacuate the floor via the nearest stair. The appropriate first responders (Houston Fire Dept, UHD Police, Facilities Management staff) will address the event and give further direction, either providing an "All Clear" message or implementing evacuation procedures.