14:07 PM

Gary Stading Named 2014 NTW Chair

Sandy Wilson PhotographyUHD's Gary Stading, associate dean of the College of Business Graduate Studies, has been asked by industry transportation leaders in Houston to chair this year's National Transportation Week (NTW). NTW is a week set aside through presidential proclamation to honor and commemorate the efforts of the transportation industry. On a national scale, NTW is coordinated by the National Defense Transportation Association (NTDA) headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

In Houston, several transportation organizations, including Transportation Club of Houston, International Transportation Management Association, Houston Air Cargo Association, and Houston Transportation Professionals Association among many others come together to represent all forms of transportation (trucking, sea going, air cargo and rail) organizations. They will be meeting to discuss major economic and political issues affecting their industries, to promote greater awareness, and to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of the industry.

Stading believes that education continues to grow in importance for transportation and logistics professionals. According to him, it is equally important for the Houston community to understand the role of transportation and logistics in both the local and the national economy. It is similarly important to educate people about the significance that this industry plays in national defense and security. Education is a key initiative of the National Transportation Week activities both in bringing education to the professionals of the transportation industry and in educating public about the importance of this industry.

"This event also offers a good opportunity to promote careers in the transportation industry," said Stading. "The Port of Houston is the largest port in the United States by some measures, and it already provides many jobs and career opportunities for young people. The size and importance of the Port is only going to grow concurrent with various events occurring in the near future which includes the widening and deepening of the Panama Canal."

The National Transportation Week is in May. In the months prior to this event, Stading's role will include coordinating related activities while organizing and leading a number of transportation organization officers, industry officials, and political members to assure a successful event.

"I believe that being asked to chair NTW is indicative of UHD's growing role of supply chain management education in the Houston transportation community," he said. "I am proud to represent UHD in this capacity and honored and humbled to have been asked by industry executives to lead this project on behalf of the transportation community."