13:26 PM

Garage Demolition - Replacement Faculty/Staff Parking

To All UHD Faculty and Staff -

As most are aware, we are about to take on a significant construction project here at UHD - one that will be very positive for the University and which will support our strategic goals of growing enrollment and creating an environment that supports our students and their success. The One Main Faculty/Staff Garage soon will be demolished to make room for a new replacement garage, tenant space on top of that garage, and an adjoining Welcome Center. The tenant space will create a more unified one-stop student service experience on what will become an expanded 3rd floor. The Welcome Center will provide an open, inviting point-of-entry for prospective students and visitors coming to UHD.

I'd like to provide you with a general sense of the schedule and information on how faculty/staff parking will be addressed during construction.

The construction phase of the project will begin next month with the demolition of the existing garage. At this time the construction firm, Turner Construction, is targeting July 22 as the demo start date. If this date holds, the garage likely will be taken out of service beginning July 15 to allow prep work to take place.

While a firm completion date for the entire project is not yet available, the garage component of the project will be complete and ready for use in time for the fall 2014 semester. The interior finish work for the tenant space on top of the garage and the Welcome Center will not be completed until after the start of the fall 2014 semester. We expect to have a 'soft' opening of those spaces in Oct/Nov 2014.

For fall 2013, spring 2014, and summer 2014, replacement faculty/staff parking will be provided by two temporary lots to be developed adjacent to the Shea Street Building. The University has signed lease agreements with the owners of the two parcels and in the coming weeks these tracts will be prepared as temporary parking lots.

These tracts will be graded and topped with a crushed concrete base. Parking spaces will be identified mainly through the use of curb stops. Perimeter fencing will be installed, along with lighting and call boxes. These lots will be clearly marked as 'UHD Faculty and Staff Only' parking and there will be strict enforcement.

It does appear at this time that the demolition of the existing garage will begin before the replacement lots are ready for use. During this interim period faculty and staff unable to find a space in the other faculty/staff lots will park in student spaces. The new lots will be available before fall classes begin on August 26.

Additional information will be provided over the coming weeks as details are worked out. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we take on this latest challenge. While there will be inconveniences, I am confident that the outcome will provide many advantages for faculty, staff and students.

David Bradley

VP for Administration & Finance