13:02 PM

Gallery Participates in City-Wide Photography Exhibit

A quick reminder from the O'Kane Gallery that UHD's participation in the city-wide Fotofest 2014 15th annual Biennial of Photography and Photo Related Art began Wednesday, March 19. A reception was held last night in the Gallery for Qatar artist George Awde, who is visiting from the Middle East where he is assistant professor of photography at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Every two years, photographers gather in Houston from all over the world. This year's Fotofest Biennial will showcase 48 contemporary Arab artists using photography and related visual media to address a broad range of aesthetic and cultural values impacting Arab culture. As a participating space, the O'Kane Gallery will exhibit Awde's "His Passing Cover," a photographic journey of Syrian boys and men that explores questions of masculinity, kinship and passage into adulthood.

George Awde