13:14 PM

FY15 Academic Building Garage Parking Lottery

To UHD Faculty and Staff:

With the completion date for the Welcome Center/Girard Street Garage construction project now pushed to August 2015, it becomes necessary to again utilize a lottery system to assign reserved parking in the Academic Building Garage for the coming academic year.

It is important for the benefit of the larger university community that these spaces be very heavily used during periods of peak demand. As such, there must be eligibility requirements for participating in the lottery.

The eligibility requirements in effect last year remain in effect:

  • To be in the lottery a person must be on campus Monday-Thursday from 8am to 5pm (or reasonably close to it). No front-end verification of eligibility will occur, but usage of these reserved spaces will be carefully monitored. Those spaces found to be vacant on a regular basis during peak times will be pulled back and reassigned to people on a waiting list.
  • Faculty wishing to partner with a colleague with a complementary teaching schedule (a M/W day schedule coordinating with a T/TH day schedule) and participate in the lottery may do so.
  • Those selected through the lottery must be willing to pay the $350 reserved parking space fee (per space, not per person for those thinking of partnering with somebody) with payment due or payroll deduction plan selected by August 31st.
  • Anyone who has a reserved space will be expected to park in it rather than in any other lot.
  • 30+ years-of-service employees must be willing to pay the $150 difference between the value of a reserved parking space ($350) and an unreserved parking space ($200).

For FY2015 one significant adjustment is being made:

  • FY14 lottery winners and employees hired after September 1, 2013 who are entering the FY15 lottery will have their names entered once. Longer serving employees who were not able to secure a space for FY14 will have their names entered twice.

This adjustment is a response to considerable feedback from the community and was the subject of much discussion by the UHD Parking & Transportation Committee. While a random drawing is certainly fair, there was a desire to come up with some sort of weighting system to increase the likelihood that the parking misery of FY2014 and FY2015 would be more evenly distributed.

Realizing that the lottery favors staff over faculty due to staff members generally working a more fixed schedule, for FY2015 the Naylor St. Garage (under Shea Building) and the Wood St. lot will continue to be programmed as 'Faculty Only' lots. The only exception will be for full-time staff members who work in the Shea Building, as they will still be provided access to the Naylor St. Garage.

Also remaining in effect will be the rule that reserved spaces in the Academic Building Garage are reserved only until 5pm or whenever the 'owner' vacates the spot, whichever comes later. In other words, if you obtain a spot through the lottery it will be reserved for your use throughout the day, but if you leave and return after 5pm you will no longer have claim to the space. Access to the Academic Building Garage after 5pm will be restricted to faculty, full- and part-time, who will be able to park in any available space (limited restrictions…) on a first-come, first-served basis.

Beginning today through Wednesday, April 23, by 5 p.m., you may participate in the lottery by accessing the form attached to the following link:


Note: Enter your name only once. The Parking Office staff has access to all the information needed to determine if a name should be in the bin once or twice and will take care of that.

The lottery drawing will be conducted on Friday, April 25, 2014. At this time we expect there to be approximately 90 to 95 spaces available in the lottery. The members of the Parking and Transportation Committee are making plans to again host a Reserved Space Lottery Extravaganza on the 25th, with snacks and drinks and prizes of sorts. You do not need to be present to win.

Thanks to all for your patience and good humor (well, some of you) as we move steadily toward August 2015, at which time some degree of normalcy will return to the UHD faculty/staff parking situation.

Vanessa Turner, Manager of Parking and Transportation

Mary Torres, Director, University Business Services

David Bradley, VP for Administration & Finance