11:31 AM

From the Provost: Face-Mask Guidelines

Dear UHD Faculty & Staff,

Today we received information from the Office of General Council that has allowed us to put together the attached face-mask guidelines for students, staff, and faculty at UHD. The draft policy is closely based on a similar policy being adopted at UH. Among other things, the attached set of guidelines clarifies that students will be expected to wear a face mask when in classrooms and common areas on campus this fall.  

We would welcome the Faculty Senate’s and Staff Council’s feedback and/or endorsement of these guidelines as those groups are able to gather input from their constituents in the coming weeks. 

There are still questions that need to be answered at some point regarding enforcement and other matters, but my hope is that the attached draft will provide faculty with some clarity on the central question of what the baseline face-mask expectations will be in the fall semester, unless evolving circumstances in the coming weeks mandate revisions to these guidelines.

Thank you,