07:30 AM

First-Generation Students: Advice From Those Who Have "Been There"

At UHD, we're proud of our first-generation students who have become shining examples of how lives can be changed for the better through hard work, determination and knowledge acquired through higher education.

Many of our faculty members are first-generation graduates who serve as role models for students. Their advice is appropriate for all of us—whether we are first-generation students or not.

To read about our faculty's experiences in being the first to go to college in their families, click here.

And a few of their words of advice:

"How you respond to adversity goes a long way in determining what you become. The journey through life is unpredictable, but you can increase your chance of success by persevering through the hardships."

Jon M. Aoki, Assistant Professor
College of Sciences & Technology

"Work hard. Get help when you need it. Learn everything you can in each class. The grades will follow."

Linda Bressler, Associate Professor
College of Business

"Take responsibility for providing a positive role model for others in the class. Be organized."

Jean DeWitt, Associate Professor
College of Humanities & Social Sciences