07:40 AM

Final Social Sciences Lecture to Focus on Africana Studies

Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend this year's final social sciences lecture from 2:30-3:30 p.m. April 16 in 1099N. Serie McDougal, III of San Francisco State University will speak on "Research in Africana Studies: 'Speak to the People, before you Speak for the People.'"

Light refreshments will be served and a student sign-in sheet will be available for students earning course credit.

This presentation will explore the historical approaches and current barriers to conducting valid life affirming and emancipatory research on people of African descent. This presentation will also look at some important factors that will contribute to the creation of more valid research on people of African descent. Special attention will be given to the approaches to explaining the lives of people of African descent in the discipline of Africana Studies.