14:44 PM

FBI Warns of Fictitious 'Work-from-home' Scam Targeting University Students

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently released information concerning two scams, one involving higher education employees, and the other involving students. The FBI's Alert Number 01132015a-PSA says:

"College students across the United States have been targeted to participate in work-from-home scams. Students have been receiving e-mails to their school accounts recruiting them for payroll and/or human resource positions with fictitious companies. The "position" simply requires the student to provide his/her bank account number to receive a deposit and then transfer a portion of the funds to another bank account. Unbeknownst to the student, the other account is involved in the scam that the student has now helped perpetrate. The funds the student receives and is directed elsewhere have been stolen by cyber criminals. Participating in the scam is a crime and could lead to the student's bank account being closed due to fraudulent activity or federal charges."