13:09 PM

Faculty/Staff Campaign Enters its Final Week!

Our third annual March Madness Faculty Staff Campaign is down to the final week! Remember it is not too late to show your support for student scholarships and programs. Your participation will be meaningful in several ways. If your are still considering whether or not to give, here are just a few reasons why it matters:

1. Charity begins at home. UHD has been pushing the Houston community, both alumni and corporate, to commit to the university and our students heavily. We want them to recognize the value of our education , as well as the value of the graduates that we produce. We as a university solicit them for research, internships, and financial support. The community is often receptive, but at times question how committed we may be to our students. The Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign is the most clear message that we can send to alumni, friends, and the corporate community that we believe in the UHD education and more importantly, we believe in our students. By reaching the goal of 70 percent participation rate this year, we are making a prominent statement that we believe and we are willing to invest our own money in our students.

2. The monies donated to the giving campaign will go to the UHD area that you choose. You can visit the faculty/staff campaign website to review the long list of options including existing scholarships and endowments, sports and fitness, or the college of your choice.

3. The Annual Fund is the most critical part of our financial stability. All gifts that are made to this campaign are considered Annual Fund gifts, no matter how they are designated. Annual Fund plays a critical role in financing programs and scholarships for our students that are not otherwise funded by the state.

4. Remember why we are here. It is all about the students. We believe that our work and our gifts will make a difference. Almost every day we are reminded when we walk into the building or into the classrooms that we play such an important role in our students future. When we look around at our students' faces, we know that at least one that we have interacted with today may have benefited from a UHD scholarship. Without the help of alumni, faculty and staff some of these students would not be here today.

The last day of the campaign is Friday, March 28. If you need a pledge card or have a few questions, please contact your coordinator or visit the faculty/staff campaign website for more information. Or feel free to contact Jaha Williams, director of Individual Giving, at 713-221-8184.