15:17 PM

Faculty, Students Build Relationships at "Pizza with Professors'

More than 100 students were in attendance at the spring 2015 Pizza with Professors event last week. Volunteers from several University departments facilitated discussions between students and faculty about college life, goals, common obstacles, UHD resources, and career plans.

This tradition gives faculty and students a casual place to interact and build rapport. One-hundred percent of students in attendance responded positively to a survey question, stating they felt more comfortable interacting with faculty outside the classroom as a result of the event.

During the event evaluation, students were asked to complete the phrase,

"After todPizzaay's session I realized..." Below are some of their responses.

"Professors really do care about your decisions and performance in class."

"UHD is much more diverse than I realized; you can learn something new from everyone you speak to."

"It can be comfortable talking to teachers; they are like an older friend."



"Sometimes it is better to talk to a professor about a problem first thing instead of waiting until late."

"It is good to get to know your professors because during this process they also get to know you!"