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Faculty, Staff Parking Registration Reminder

parking registration picRenewal of Faculty/Staff parking permits for 2016-17 will begin Monday, Aug. 8. All current permit holders, full or part-time, are eligible for online renewal. To avoid deactivation of proximity cards, employees must purchase their permit online by Friday, Aug. 19.

The Parking and Transportation staff will hand deliver the permit to you after Aug. 26. Once you have ordered your permit online, your proximity card will automatically reactivate within 24 hours of purchase.

Payment options include: payroll deduction (twelve monthly deductions), credit card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover), and eCheck. Customers are encouraged to purchase permits online, as the Parking and Transportation Services office accepts cash and checks only.

The monthly payroll deduction plan for full-time faculty or staff members are made on a pre-tax basis. For monthly employees, deductions will be taken equally for twelve months starting on Oct. 1, which is actually the September 2016 paycheck. Employees paid on a bi-weekly basis will see the deduction on the first paycheck of each month.

As per the two-year parking fee schedule, the breakdown by permit type is shown below:

Permit Types Annual
Reserved F/S - Academic Bldg. & Naylor St. Garages $720 $60 N/A
Reserved F/S - Commerce St. Lot $600 $50 N/A
Garage Unreserved/General $360 $30 N/A
Surface Lots/General $300 $25 N/A
Disabled Parking $240 $20 N/A
Adjuncts/Part-Time/Temporary Employees N/A N/A $50

Adjunct professors who purchased parking permits for spring or summer will have their proximity cards activated until Sept. 9 to allow the processing of fall 2016 teaching assignments in the PeopleSoft payroll system. Employee classification is obtained through PeopleSoft HR, which is maintained by Employment Services and Operations (ESO). If you have questions about your employee classification, please contact your unit business administrator or ESO. Employees' classification are downloaded into the parking management system from PeopleSoft and cannot be altered by the Parking and Transportation Services staff.

Part-time and temporary employees must purchase their permits from the Parking and Transportation Services office. Parking will be available in all surface parking lots only. Access to the Academic/Girard Building Garage and Naylor Garage will begin at 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Disabled parking privileges are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying state-issued disabled placard or disabled license plates. Individuals parking in an ADA space must display a valid Texas issued ADA placard or license plate along with a valid UHD permit. There are designated disabled spaces all around campus: Academic Building Garage (15 spaces), Girard Street Garage (six spaces), Naylor Street Garage (13 spaces) and the Daly Street Lot (26 spaces).

Motorcycle permits must be purchased in the Parking and Transportation Services office. Motorcycle permits are for designated motorcycle areas (visitor parking level of the Girard Street Garage and Naylor Street Garage), and the permit holder is subject to the same parking regulations as motor vehicles. The cost for a motorcycle permit is $60 per year.

Report lost, stolen, or damaged hang-tags/permits or proximity cards immediately to Parking and Transportation Services. The fee for a replacement permit or proximity card is $10. The proximity card must be used to enter and exit a garage, even if the gates are raised so that the card remains in sync for the day. Proximity cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE.

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