16:35 PM

Faculty Awards Recognize Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship and Service

Tuesday, April 26, the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) held its annual Faculty Assembly and Awards Ceremony to honor faculty award winners, announce faculty development leave awards, and recognize faculty for years of service.

Excellence in Teaching

Winner: Travis Crone (Social Sciences)

Finalists: Maria Gabriela Bowden (Natural Sciences) and Judith Harris (Criminal Justice)

Excellence in Service

Winner: Susan Henney (Social Sciences)

Finalists: Maria Bhattacharjee (Urban Education) and Vida Robertson (English)

Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity

Winner: Heather Goltz (Social Work)

Finalists: Bradley Hoge (Natural Sciences) and Plamen Simeonov (Mathematics & Statistics)

Outstanding Lecturer

Co-winners: Ajay Singh (Natural Sciences) and Dana Smith (Social Work)

Outstanding Adjunct

Winner: Simon Jakubowski (Natural Sciences)

(Check out the video from the 2016 Faculty Assembly and Awards Ceremony.) Click here to watch.