11:43 AM

Faculty Award Winners Announced

UHD professors, lecturers and adjuncts were celebrated for their accomplishments in teaching, service, and scholarly/creative activities at the annual Faculty Awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 18 in Robertson Auditorium. New UHD President Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz delivered the opening remarks and congratulated this year's finalists.

In addition to the faculty awardees, the event also recognized awardees for faculty development leave, faculty years of service and faculty mentors. This year's event also included two new categories acknowledging faculty—Outstanding Adjunct and Outstanding Lecturer.

2017 Faculty Awards Recipients

Excellence in Teaching

Hank Roubicek, Arts and Humanities


Judith Harris, Criminal Justice

Eszter Trufan, Natural Sciences

Excellence in Service

Ryan Pepper, Mathematics and Statistics


Maria Bhattacharjee, Urban Education

Ashley Blackburn, Criminal Justice

Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity

Floyd Newsum, Arts and Humanities


Katrina Rufino, Social Sciences

Michael Tobin, Natural Sciences

Outstanding Adjunct

Charles Pelz, Criminal Justice


Joshua Reynolds, Social Work

Dalia Sherif, Davies College of Business

Outstanding Lecturer

Bridget Mueller, Arts and Humanities


Angela Goins, Social Work

Abigail Koenig, Arts and Humanities

Adriana Visbal, Natural Sciences