08:36 AM

Expert Martin Carcasson to Teach Faculty Deliberation Workshop

The UHD Center for Public Deliberation invites faculty and community members to attend a free two-day workshop on the theory and practice of deliberation. The workshop, which is to take place Feb. 6-7, 2015, will be led by Martin Carcasson, a nationally recognized deliberation expert and director of the Colorado State University Center for Public Deliberation.

The workshop will culminate with several breakout groups that will address the introduction and integration of deliberation into University courses for high-impact student experiences. Community members will focus on the development and facilitation of public deliberation forums. Specific objectives for this workshop include:

  • Understand foundations of the deliberative democracy movement
  • Note key aspects of the deliberative perspective and the cycle of deliberative inquiry
  • Identify primary challenges to deliberative perspectives
  • Identify ways in which deliberative democracy compares to other forms of politics
  • Discuss current topics within the movement
  • Demonstrate the casics of moderating, convening, facilitating, and issue framing
  • Brainstorm ideas for supplementing curricula by incorporating deliberation in different disciplines

Seating is limited to 15 participants. Register online. For more information, contact