12:30 PM

Erlanger Turner and Psychology Students Publish APA Article on Teaching Children About Race Relations

The American Psychological Association's (APA) Public Interest Directorate recently published an article entitled "Redefining Race Relations: It Begins at Home," written by assistant professor of psychology Erlanger Turner and three of his undergraduate students — Damaurriah Butler, Jonathan Otero and Caroline Smith.

The APA blog is dedicated to showing how applied psychology helps society to explore and answer questions about diversity, human rights and human behaviors. The article is part of an ongoing series of blog posts about race, racism and law enforcement in communities of color.

The article published on Sept. 18 discusses the opportunities and challenges associated with teaching children about racism and race relations. The writers encourage parents to engage in meaningful, age-appropriate discussions about these topics with their children, and they provide suggested methods and examples for doing so.

Read the article in its entirety at the Psychology Benefits Society blog.