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Emergency Management Director Participates in a Variety of Community Involvement Efforts

UHD's Director of Emergency Management, Carol Manousos, is active in community involvement efforts and her work can be seen in various places around the city.

Recently, Manousos created mosaic tile work for a bench in conjunction with Reginald C. Adams, a local artist who creates public art projects across Houston. Manousos also participated in The Dream at 50's Dance the Dream event on May 18, a worldwide year-long arts tribute to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. She can be seen in the picture below during the group dance celebration at Discovery Green.

"I grew up during the Civil Rights movement and, as a child, believed in possibilities for everyone. Throughout my adulthood, like many other people, those beliefs lost definition, became cloudy. Dance The Dream was a celebration for me. For the return of my hope for an inclusive society, celebration of difference and balance," Manousos said. "The public art projects bring together the community in a celebration of those differences, but also exposes our similarities!"

Up next for Manousos - another public art project with Adams near UHD!

Carol Manousos, circled, participated in the Dream 50 Carol Manousos, second from right, participated in The Dream at 50 group dance troop.

Manousos worked on the mosaic pattern for this bench, part of a public art project. Manousos worked on this mosaic pattern for a bench, part of a public art project.