07:10 PM

Dr. Susan Ahern Passed Away

Dr. Susan Ahern, who served as Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for many years, passed away Sunday, Oct. 23, at home with her family.

Dr. Ahern came to UHD in 1983 to teach English. As an associate professor, she received the Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. Later, she served as Department Chair before becoming Dean in 2003. As Chair and Dean, she oversaw the development and approval of UHD's degrees in Philosophy, English, Spanish, Fine Arts, Social Work and the Professional Writing and Technical Communication masters programs. She also oversaw the creation of a number of minors, including Creative Writing, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, Gender Studies and Religious Studies. She stepped down as Dean last August to return to the English Department as faculty.

"We were all touched by Susan and our lives made better by her presence. We will miss her wit, her smile and her wisdom," said Bill Flores, UHD President. "Susan leaves a great legacy as a professor and as a Dean whose courageous spirit made UHD a better place."