14:40 PM

Dr. Bezette-Flores Speaks to UH-Clear Lake Students about Responsible Citizenship

The University of Houston-Clear Lake is hosting a Common Reader Speaker Series based on "The True American," a book by New York Times journalist Anand Giridharadas that addresses thought-provoking questions about what constitues the American identity, how we serve our country and what gives our lives meaning and purpose.

Dr. Noël Bezette-Flores, Executive Director of the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths delivered a presentation Wednesday, explaining how creating opportunities for students to give back to Houston is making for better students and a better Houston. Bezette-Flores is dedicated to maintaining the University's focus on civic engagement and commitment to public service.

She serves as co-chair of Houston's Citizenship Month, which she co-founded under the direction of former mayor Bill White. The citywide initiative, held each year in November, celebrates Houston's diversity while encouraging civic responsibility and volunteerism, and promoting the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.

A schedule of upcoming UHCL speakers can be found on the Common Reader webpage.