13:11 PM

Deadline to Use 2012 PayFlex is Nov. 15

Courtesy of ESO

The deadline for using any remaining funds in your FY2012 PayFlex Account is Nov. 15. Any expenses that you have incurred from Sept. 1 to Nov. 15 may be claimed against last year's account.

For employees who use the Flex card, you will be able to use it for expenses during this time if you enrolled in the PayFlex program for FY2013. Otherwise, if you do not have an account in FY2013, you will have to pay for the allowable expenses and then file for reimbursement.

Remember, Dec. 31 is the absolute deadline for filing claims for reimbursement for FY2012. All documentation needed for reimbursement must be received by PayFlex not later than this date, including any additional information that they may request. We recommend that you file your claims early so that if other documentation is requested by PayFlex, you will still have time to meet their Dec. 31 deadline.

For additional information please contact Erica Morales at x-8443 or Betty Powell at x-8072.