09:58 AM

Cycling Team Tours Art Exhibit with UHD Connection

On Sunday, Nov. 10, the UHD Cycling Team joined the Texan French Alliance for the Arts for a biking tour of the Alliance's "Open the Door" outdoor public art display.

The display is made up of doors painted by 45 artists displayed in 19 public locations around Houston. Pictured in the photo is the door painted by UHD's O'Kane Gallery Director Mark Cervenka and student artist Jose Gonzales with cycling team members Lucy Fuentes, Melissa Coronado, Carol Ogle, Mercedes Gonzales and Rich Ogle. This door is on display in Memorial Park near the tennis courts. The exhibit will be available for public viewing through December 2013. Following the public display, the painting shown will be given to UHD for display on campus.

For more information on the Open the Door project and to view other works by UHD students, go to www.openthedoor-houston.com

UHD painting Memorial Park X