08:10 AM

CST Dean Candidates on Campus in March

The College of Sciences and Technology Dean Search Committee members are pleased to announce the UHD visits of candidates for Dean. Each candidate will make an open forum presentation and there will be time for questions and answers. Following are dates, times and rooms for each candidate. Please mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend.

March 3 Dr. Demetrios Kazakos 3-4 p.m. Room 602-N

March 6 Dr. Tarun Patel 3-4 p.m. Room 1099-N

March 17 Dr. Akif Uzman 3-4 p.m. Room 1099-N

March 20 Dr. Ed Jarroll 3-4 p.m. Room 1099-N

March 21 Dr. Vinod Arya 3-4 p.m. Room 1099-N