11:25 AM

Criminal Justice Training Center Earns Top Marks

UHD's Criminal Justice Training Center (CJTC) is one of the most successful academies in the Greater Houston area - according to pass rates for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standard and Education (TCLEOSE) exam.

For FY2012, the academy posted a near perfect 99.63 percent pass average and only one cadet require retesting out of the 270 cadets trained. To put this in perspective, pass rates of other local academies are listed below:

  • Houston Community College: 97 cadets at a 95.8 percent pass average
  • Harris County Sheriff's Office: 23 cadets at a 93.6 percent pass average
  • Houston Police Department: 188 cadets at a 89.3 percent pass average

CJTC Director Rex White attributes the academy's success to high academic standards and veteran instructors.

"We require 80 percent as a minimum pass rate on our internal exams and we test our cadets every 40 hours of training. While the state accepts 70 percent as a passing score on the state licensing exam, our cadets average scores between 85-95 percent," he said. "Also, our instructors are all Master Peace Officers with expertise in the fields they instruct and I believe they help ensure our cadets do so well."

CJTC provides training and education for those who wish to become a peace officer and continuing education and review courses current practitioners need to satisfy state licensing requirements. The next course begins May 6 and is likely to produce top-notch cadets, as well.