14:51 PM

Criminal Justice Faculty Creating Global Connections

In support of UHD President, Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz's Initiative to increase UHD's international presence and recruiting efforts, Criminal Justice faculty members, Dr. Hsiao-Ming Wang, professor of criminal justice and director of Bayou Connection, and Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Dr. Judith Harris, assistant director of Bayou Connection, visited Jiangsu Police Institute (JSPI) in Nanjing, China May 10 - 14.

During their visit to Nanjing, Wang and Harris met with JSPI President Mr. Zhang Lanqing and his administration. They were warmly received by President Zhang and his associates. Discussions centered on the creation of a partnership between UHD and JSPI, so students from JPSI can attend UHD and take coursework in criminal justice. This opportunity would be available to upper-level undergraduate students or graduate students with an interest in international criminal justice. A Q&A session immediately followed the main presentation with President Lanqing and his administration.

The JSPI anticipates a partnership with UHD and hopes to send their undergraduate students to the University to study policing-related courses. All JSPI graduates are expected to work for different police departments in the greater Nanjing area for a few years before they can continue their education. Wang also visited Xuanwu Police Department, Fuzimiao Police Station, and Changzhou Police Department to promote UHD's Master's Program in Criminal Justice (MSCJ).

Wang presently is in Taiwan to continue the international recruitment initiative for the College of Public Service, Department of Criminal Justice and Social Work. On May 23, Wang visited the Central Police University (CPU), an academic partner of UHD since 2005. During his visit to CPU, he reunited with a group of students who had studied at the UHD Criminal Justice Training Center for three weeks this past January. Wang interviewed two CPU graduates who are applying to the MSCJ program in the fall of 2018. Wang also met with CPU President Tiao, Chien-sheng. President Tiao extended an invitation to UHD President Muñoz to visit Taiwan in the near future. President Tiao is grateful that UHD is able to offer the international scholarship to his students. Wang is planning to visit Ming Chuan University, another UHD partner in Taiwan, on June 11.