12:25 PM

CPS Student Receives Scholarship for Academic Success and Overcoming Obstacles

Manny Tatavak, president, CEO and founder of eRail Commerce, visited the College of Public Service on Friday, May 23, to meet with the first ever eRail Commerce Scholar, Brenda Ramirez.

Tatavak and Brian Smalley, eRail co-founder and commercial president, created the eRail Commerce Scholarship to help a student in the College of Public Service who is working hard to put themselves through school and succeeding in the face of significant challenges.

In addition to attending UHD, Ramirez works at an educational toy store and participates in a work-study program during the semester at Crockett Elementary. She has considerable family obligations and has been on the Dean's List since August 2011. She is planning to graduate with a bachelor's degree in education in May 2015.

eRail Commerce offers their clients a web-based, user-friendly, information and communication exchange portal which enables more effective communication and enhances the flow of commerce throughout the rail industry. Tatavak and Smalley, both military veterans, were motivated to give by the drive and dedication of UHD students and the mission of the College of Public Service. Both men are committed to giving back and building a company that reflects those values and UHD is proud to have eRail Commerce as a partner.