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Course Seat Availability Report for Faculty and Staff

Courtesy of Student Success and Enrollment Management

Faculty and staff, the following information is regarding the Course Seat Availability Notification Report:

- This report will be generated and made available by the Registrar's Office during peak enrollment periods and may assist you in determining high demand Sections for Registration and in determining courses for which you may want to consider opening new sections.

- You may be aware that our registration system now offers our students the opportunity to sign up to be notified when a seat becomes available in a closed course section of interest to them (see information circled in blue below). The student can see the option in our online class schedule and simply click a link to sign up for the relevant course section as follows:

Online Class Schedule Search Result (Student View):

online class schedule

- The Course Seat Availability report (Faculty View) shows how many students have taken advantage of the Course Availability Notification option for each section:

Course Seat Availability Report (Faculty View)

seat availability

- (Please note that in the current version of the report the count is cumulative and does not indicate whether the student has been able to subsequently enrolled in the section for which they have signed up or another section of the same course. An enhanced version of the report that will provide that type of information is currently being developed.)

- The column with the heading of "STUDENT_ON_LIST" is where you can find the number of students who have signed up for notification for that course section. Please feel free to contact Dean Tomikia LeGrande (legrandet@uhd.edu) or Cynthia Santos (santosc@uhd.edu) if you have any difficulty interpreting the report.

We hope this will be a useful tool for you! Please share this information with all others in your area who may benefit.