13:01 PM

Construction Update: Girard Street Reduced to One Lane Next Week

CAUTIONAs part of the Welcome Center/Garage construction project, beginning next Wednesday, May 21, Vaughn Construction will reduce Girard Street to one lane heading eastbound. On that Wednesday morning, Vaughn will begin construction of a temporary fence which will remain in place through February 28, 2015. This change is necessary to ensure that large trucks delivering construction materials can enter and exit the site in a safe and timely manner.

This reducing of Girard Street to a single lane will affect summer program bus transportation and the passenger drop-off/pick-up area under the North Deck. Vehicles will not be able to queue on Girard and Travis St. prior to the release of passengers. Buses will only be able to drop off and pick up at pre-scheduled times. Flagmen will be positioned as needed in the area to control the flow of traffic. The Wood Street ramp will be closed to all southbound traffic except for authorized commercial vehicles delivering items to the loading dock or Facilities Management, and emergency vehicles. The Wood Street ramp will become an exit-only pathway for the one lane of traffic moving east along Girard Street.

Note that those exiting the Academic Building Garage will be able to turn left toward Travis Street in order to access I-45 or the downtown area via Milam. The short section of Girard nearest Travis Street will be the only area with two-way traffic. If this proves unworkable then at some point it could be decided to force all traffic leaving the Academic Building Garage to head east (go right).

While this sounds challenging it will not be too much different from what was experienced during METRO's recent light rail extension project when the north end of the Main Street Bridge was being rebuilt. During that project there were several extended periods when Girard Street was narrowed to a single lane and traffic was controlled by flagmen.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we move ahead with this important project.


Brian Cokes

Project Manager, Facilities Management