05:57 PM

Company Donates Software to Enhance Classroom Experience

Process Automation Services (PAS), a leading provider of innovative software and professional services, recently donated 25 licenses for their control loop optimization software to UHD's Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology program.

To coincide with the donation, PAS Senior Vice President Mark Carrigan visited the classroom of Assistant Professor Vassilios Tzouanas to give a demonstration to students on the software's functionality, industrial process automation opportunities and what it takes to be a successful engineering professional.

The state-of-the-art software is a common tool used by manufacturing companies across the globe to optimize the performance of control systems. The donation was heartily welcomed by CIET faculty.

"We thank PAS and Mr. Carrigan for the generous donation to our program. It is greatly appreciated," Tzouanas said. "Mr. Carrigan's visit underscores PAS's strong support of UHD's CIET program. It is a follow up to a recent visit by other PAS administrators who helped establish an internship program for our students."

"PAS is pleased to support UHD in their mission to train the next generation of control engineers for the processing industries" said Carrigan. "We believe the education supplied by UHD is preparing students to meet the challenges faced by PAS and our customers. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with UHD".

Carrigan, right, explains the functionality of the donated software to students of Tzouanas' engineering technology class.