03:30 PM

Committee Hopes to Build Pride and Community Within UHD

By: Mary Ann Cozza

There's a new committee at UHD that is working to promote pride, cooperation and engagement within the university.

The staff and faculty members who make up the Building Community Committee plan to initiate events and programs that will foster a greater sense of UHD spirit among all UHD groups.

Currently, the committee is working with the UHD bookstore and ring company Balfour to initiate an official class ring program.

Paul Donaldson, committee chair, said, "We're hoping to establish one basic ring design that incorporates elements of our UHD pride and culture."

To better understand what that culture is, the group will also email faculty, staff and students surveys asking for opinions on events, activities and common UHD traditions.

While the group is still discovering their role within the university, they hope to make a real difference.