09:07 AM

College of Public Service Welcomes New Faculty, Staff

The faculty and staff in the College of Public Service has grown significantly in the past several months. Dean Leigh Van Horn and the College of Public Service would like to welcome these new team members, hired in the spring and fall semesters of 2015:

  • Crystal Belle, Assistant Professor, Urban Education
  • Lori Brusman-Lovins, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Kevin Buckler, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Paulina Gamino, Web Technician Specialist, College of Public Service
  • Angela Goins, Lecturer, Social Work
  • James Healy, Associate Director, Criminal Justice Training Center
  • Stephanie Karas, Lecturer, Criminal Justice
  • Laxmi (Lisa) Marajh, Office Assistant, Criminal Justice Training Center
  • Diane Miller, Assistant Professor, Urban Education
  • Jennifer Rowland, Director, Center for Public Service and Family Strengths
  • Vivian Smith, Administrative Assistant I, Social Work