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COB Announces Spring Meet the Industry Event

The UHD College of Business invites COB students to the fifth "Meet the Industry" event on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will introduce students to a wide variety of industries and careers pertaining to, but not limited to, finance, business, EIS, supply chain, accounting, and insurance and risk management, international business, management and marketing.

Why Attend?

  • Explore careers in Houston's growth industries.
  • Learn how industry leaders became successful in their fields.
  • Discover how to navigate the hiring process and how to create a sustainable career path.
  • Meet dynamic industry leaders, senior management and up-and-coming leaders.

Who Should Attend?

  • Currently enrolled in College of Business majors. *Remember: business attire is required.

Registration and Cost

There is a $12 attendance fee for early bird registration (offer ends 1/28/2014). Regular student registration is $15 (offer ends 2/7/2014) and late registration is $20 (offer ends 2/13/2014). Students are not required to attend all the sessions. However, please note that lunch is included in your registration fee. No phone, email or walk-in registrations are accepted. Registration is non-refundable.

Check out the event's Facebook page here.

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