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Club Travels to Costa Rica for Medical Mission Trip

Community service is a cornerstone of a UHD education, even if that community is two thousand miles away.

The Health Professions Organization (HPO) at UHD is comprised of students interested in pursuing careers in the medical field and who will one day become our future healthcare leaders. As part of a service learning opportunity, HPO collaborated with the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) on a one-week mission trip to Costa Rica to provide information and assistance to under served populations in the region.

The students were able to gain invaluable hands-on experience by assisting physicians and health care workers providing services to thousands of Nicaraguan refugees and others at the FIMRC clinic in Alajuelita, Costa Rica. Their duties included working with doctors, taking patient vital signs, filling prescriptions and comforting patients.

Students also presented information to the local community on various health topics such as menopause, asthma, CPR, nutrition and hygiene.

"The opportunity to work in an under served community was a motivating experience and the students look forward to making a difference in the health of Houston citizens and throughout the world," said HPO faculty mentor Assistant Professor Rachna Sadana

The group was able to secure funds from the UHD High-Impact Experience Budget and the College of Sciences and Technology with the assistance of Sadana. Students also organized multiple fundraising events such as garage sales and car washes to help finance the trip.

Trip participants included students Rebecca Barbosa, Joanna Castaneda, Joseph Hinojosa, Viridiana Monroy, Rosario Garcia, Elizabeth Moreno and Jamie Fretwell and Associate Professors Philip Lyons and Rachna Sadana.

Natural sciences students and faculty traveled to Costa Rica for medical mission trip. Natural sciences students and faculty traveled to Costa Rica for medical mission trip.