12:23 PM

Center for Public Deliberation Invites Houston Community to Higher Education Forum

The Center for Public Deliberation invites students, faculty, staff and external community members to attend its Citizenship Month forum, entitled "Linked Futures: Communities, Higher Education and the Changing World of Work." The forum will take place in room A300 on Wednesday, Nov. 12 from 5 - 7:30 p.m.

Participants will discuss and deliberate three proposed approaches to higher education and civic service. It is important for members of the community to be represented, as this is an issue that affects every citizen. The forum is open to all; no expertise is necessary. Each contributor's perspective and experience is valuable to the conversation.

Participants must register online or by phone at 713-221-8472. Registered participants will receive an issue guide with a summary of the discussion topics via email.

The Center for Public Deliberation supports the idea that citizenship must go beyond simply voting or writing our representatives. Citizenship must include the democratic skills to organize diverse groups of people, exchange ideas, validate different values and experiences, think critically, discover areas of both agreement and disagreement, and solve public problems ourselves. The center is offering four forums this semester to give the community these kinds of democratic learning experiences.

The Linked Futures forum is presented in partnership with American Commonwealth Partnership, The Center for Public Service and Family Strengths, UHD Student Government Association, Lone Star College, UHD Student Activities, Cultural Enrichment Center, High Impact Practices, National Issues Forums Institute, Kettering Foundation and Simmons Foundation.