06:58 AM

Center for Plain English Research and Study Calls for Student Grant Proposals

The Center for Plain English Research and Study (CPERS) at UHD invites all students to apply for spring 2016 competitive student research grants in the amount of $500. The grants will sponsor faculty-supported research that explores clear writing and communication practices. In addition to conducting library and field research, award recipients will present at the UHD Student Research Conference, meet with a faculty member twice monthly to discuss progress and complete a survey reflecting on the research experience.

Government agencies have recognized that complicated, lengthy language used in official documents often prevents people from making informed decisions about their health, rights and finances. In response to these concerns, agencies and professional organizations have promoted standards focused on accessible, easy-to-follow language and format, referred to as Plain English guidelines. Plain English is intended for use in a range of areas such as government, law, finance, medicine, and education.

Possible research topics for the CPERS grant include, but are not limited to, conducting interviews with plain language experts, distributing surveys to writing professionals and analyzing current research on plain language.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and 500-word interest letter to CPERS Co-Director Natalia Matveeva by Monday, Sept. 28, 2015.