05:07 PM

Center for Family Strengths Symposium

The UHD Center for Family Strengths is hosting its second annual symposium through Sept. 9 with the theme of "Strength in the Face of Challenges." The symposium features more than 45 speakers and addresses topics related to issues involved with keeping families together, including substance abuse, parenting concerns, domestic violence, mental illness in children and juvenile offenders.

Family experts are leading or co-presenting many sessions, sharing with professionals what works and what doesn't in addressing these topics. The keynote speakers have addressed the principles of how to recognize what is right in each family and how to build on these strengths.

Alvin L. Sallee, Director of the Center for Family Strengths, worked with a team of 23 planning committee members and dozens of UHD staff to present the work discussed throughout the event.

The symposium will continue through noon Friday.