07:53 AM

Center for Critical Race Studies Hosts Film Screening

The Center for Critical Race Studies is hosting a film screening of "Dreamer: A True American Story." at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 17, in the Auditorium.

"Dreamer" is a narrative feature film about Joe Rodriguez, an all-American young man. He's amiable, well-educated and attractive. He graduated from college and is working and excelling in his field. He's on the way to achieving the American dream until his employer discovers his undocumented status and the life he's worked so hard for begins to crumble around him. He must face the possibility of losing his livelihood, his family and even himself.

"Dreamer" opens a window into the reality of many who, because of one insurmountable obstacle, find it impossible to achieve their dreams. The film transcends racial lines and illuminates the immigration debate for what it is: a tragedy that affects all Americans.