12:55 PM

Business Professor Coauthors Book on Improving Innovation

sara jansen perrySara Jansen Perry, assistant business professor, is pleased to announce the recent publication with Oxford University Press (OUP) on a book she coauthored about improving innovation success in America.

"Organized Innovation: A Blueprint for Renewing America's Prosperity" was authored by Perry, Steven C. Currall, Ed Frauenheim and Emily M. Hunter. According to OUP, the authors put forth a systematic method for leading the translation of scientific discoveries into societal benefits. The Organized Innovation framework details the optimal conditions for commercializing technology breakthroughs, the kind of advances that lead to new products, companies, and world-leading industries.

To learn more about the book or to purchase it, visit the OUP website. Use promo code 23954 for a 20 percent discount.

An OpEd on this book was published in early March in the Seattle Times. Read it here.

An authors' Q&A is available here.