09:23 AM

Beware of Circulating Phishing Emails

Courtesy of IT

This is a reminder to beware of phishing e-mail messages that continue to circulate widely worldwide. Phishing email is not new, but scammers are getting more persistence and more creative in trying to steal confidential information from unsuspected users. A phishing email message is a form of Internet scam in which the sender tries to trick users into providing sensitive personal information such as usernames, passwords and credit card numbers.

If you receive an email message from anyone asking you to verify your UHD password in order to keep your account active, updated or to increase your account size, please DO NOT reply. It is also important to avoid visiting links or opening attachments associated with any messages of this type. One particular message that has made its way to several users at UHD has the subject line "uhdmail" and the link "uhdmail.4co.me" inside it. This particular message is a phishing scam.

If you received a message similar to the one listed below, clicked on the link and provided your username and password on that fraudulent website, please contact the Help Desk (713-221-8031, x3000, help@uhd.edu) immediately.

More information on phishing email messages is available at http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/phishing-symptoms.aspx.