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Alumnus and Employee Uses Personal Tragedy to Encourage Bike Safety

John Williams, a UHD alumnus and technology trainer in the IT Department, is using a personal tragedy to make a difference in the city of Houston.

Once an avid biker, Williams was riding home in August 2013 when he was hit by a pickup truck on Waugh Drive. He sustained critical injuries to his brain and spine and nearly died. He struggled through rehab and was unable to attend his job until mid-November.

Williams claims that he always rode safely and predictably and that his bike and clothing were equipped with lights and reflectors that night. If the driver who hit him had been more aware of cyclists on the road, and if there had been adequate bike lanes and street lighting, Williams may have reached home safely that evening.

In February 2014, Williams addressed the Houston City Council with his concerns. Now, he is asking the UHD community, many of whom bike to and from campus, to join him. The Council will host a special public hearing about bike safety Tuesday, March 25, 10 a.m. to noon at City Hall and Williams encourages anyone who commutes or bikes for pleasure to attend.

After the accident, Williams was left with exorbitant medical bills, limited physical abilities and a titanium plate in his head. The driver in the accident was released without any driving restrictions and was not issued a single citation.

Williams hopes to raise awareness and affect positive change for the city and keep more accidents like his from happening on Houston streets.

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