08:31 AM

Alumni Spotlight: Bayan Rabbani Has an Entrepreneurial Spirit

rabbani3Budding entrepreneurs at UHD graduate from the College of Business with the tools they need to launch their own businesses - and then others use the knowledge they've gained to expand their already successful enterprises across the state.

May 2013 alumnus Bayan Rabbani, along with his brother and a mutual friend, launched Already Maid in June 2012 while a junior supply chain management student. Since that time, he has grown the maid-service company into a venture consumers on Yelp recently rated as "Houston's highest-rated cleaning company."

Throughout this process, Bayan cleaned up academically, as well, maintaining a minimum 3.5 grade point average - with a 4.0 GPA his last two semesters at UHD - in addition to a working part-time internship at Accion, taking 15-hour course loads, studying for the GMAT and serving as president of UHD's Student Supply Chain Management Association.

"My family, friends, excellent advisors and professors at UHD were paramount in my personal growth and success," said Rabbani. "Their wisdom, instruction and guidance have been life-changing for me."

While working to maintain good grades and extracurricular activities, he sought the help of a maid service to keep his home clean. However, Rabbani noticed that local cleaning companies charged hourly rates, charged for estimates and provided less-than-satisfactory service.

"There has to be a better way," said Rabbani. "Through taking management, finance and accounting classes at UHD, I was able to use my theoretical knowledge and apply it to practical use. Offering eco-friendly, natural cleanings with flat-rate pricing and an online booking system with an instant chat option, we've even had to turn down business because we couldn't meet the demand."

Since that time, Rabbani and his business partners have hired seven new maids and plan to expand their company to Austin and Dallas in the coming months.

"Graduating from college is an excellent accomplishment, truly a unique experience, but it is not the end," said Rabbani. "We must continue to better ourselves and improve, continue to work hard and strive to motivate others by our good example."

Rabbani plans to enroll in a master of business administration program in the near future to better lead his company and expand its services throughout the state.