07:33 PM

Academic Building Garage Reserved Parking Lottery

Courtesy of Vanessa Turner, Manager of Parking and Transportation, and

Mary Torres, Director, University Business Services

As stated in the e-mail to the UHD community that was sent out on July 30th (Subject line: Faculty/Staff Parking - FY2013), reserved parking spaces in the Academic Building Garage for FY2013 will be allocated based on an on-line lottery.

In an effort to ensure that the University receives maximum benefit from these limited spaces, there are eligibility requirements for participating in the lottery.

Lottery Eligibility Requirements

  • To be in the lottery an employee must be on campus Monday-Thursday from 8am to 5pm (or very close to it). Usage of these reserved spaces will be monitored throughout the year.
  • Those selected through the lottery must be willing to pay the $320 reserved parking space fee with payment due or payroll deduction plan selected by August 31st.
  • Any employee who is allotted a reserved space will be expected to park in it rather than in any other lot.
  • If allotted a reserved space through the lottery, 30+ years-of-service employees must be willing to pay the $120 difference between the value of the reserved parking space ($320) and an unreserved parking space ($200).

Beginning today through 5:00 pm Friday, August 17th, employees may participate in the lottery by accessing the form attached to the following link:


Those who are allotted reserved spaces through this lottery will be notified via e-mail on Monday, August 20th.

Thank you for your interest and participation.