14:04 PM

A Note from UHD Interim President Michael A. Olivas: Good Luck with Finals

Dear UHD Students,

The semester is quickly drawing to a close. Although the restful bliss of winter break is just weeks away, this might be the most stressful time of the year for all of us.

I know finals are challenging. I've taken a few myself … and given a few tough ones as a law professor. Regardless, students should know that the University of Houston-Downtown has several support mechanisms available to them. These include tutoring services, our W.I. Dykes Library and counseling services. That's not to mention the various labs and computing centers on campus. Another place to study and work is our Student Lounge. Of course, that space is filled with fun stuff like pool tables and TVs, but I know that some students can focus more with ambient noise surrounding them. Find a study space that works for you and dig in. Pace yourself.

Of course, students also can blow off some steam at the Jesse H. Jones Student Life Center. UHD's Sports and Fitness offers boot camp courses during finals and throughout the winter break.

Another resource available to students is our Child Watch Center. For those students who have young children, this service should provide peace of mind during finals. You can drop off your children at our facility (S298) before heading to class. They will have a comfortable and supervised place to play or hang out while you take your exams. To further assist our students, the center will waive its fees for the rest of the semester. Visit the Child Watch Center's website for details on registering for services.

For students reading this message, please know that UHD is here for you. Yes, tests are hard. They're supposed to be. For every tough exam you take, there is an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn from your mistakes and rise to even greater levels of success. But don't think the tests stop once you graduate. That's when they really get difficult. I know from firsthand experience as a lawyer, professor and your interim president. Still, I don't think I'd get out of bed in the morning if there weren't a new challenge awaiting me.

To quote the great Duke Ellington: "A goal is a dream with a finish line."

You're nearing the finishing line, and I salute you for staying in the race. Good luck on your exams.


Michael A. Olivas
Interim President
University of Houston-Downtown