13:55 PM

A Note from UHD Interim President Michael A. Olivas: Addressing DACA Concerns & Questions

Dear UHD Students,

I have heard concerns from many of you regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and its future. I, too, am concerned about this issue and have discussed the topic with many news publications, lawyers, advocates and educators. And, I've written on the subject, including a recent piece for Inside Higher Ed.

We're not sure how this will shake out after the new year, but I will not stand by while our students have questions or concerns. With that, I've invited some of my colleagues and former students from the University of Houston Law Center to collaborate with UHD's Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on an informational campus event. Details are as follows:

"Post-Election Immigration Issues: DACA Discussions and Other Topics"

Thursday, Dec. 8
2 - 3 p.m.
Room A-300

Speakers include: Professor Geoffrey Hoffman, director of the UH Law Center's Immigration Clinic and Josephine Sorgwe, supervising fellow in the UH Law Center Immigration Clinic.

I know both Geoff and Josephine (a star student in my immigration class several years ago) quite well and am pleased they can share their expertise on this issue with our UHD students.

I encourage students to attend this event, take notes and ask questions. Most important, share what you learn with others who may not be able to make it. Feel free to invite others. We will not record the session, and what is said at UHD stays at UHD.

I understand that there is some uncertainty in the air, and it is my goal to help provide answers and guidance to the best of my abilities. This event is definitely a good starting place for these discussions, and there will likely be more in the months to come. Llegamos tan cerca.

Michael A. Olivas
UHD Interim President