13:18 PM

A Note from Interim President Michael A. Olivas: Books, Books Everywhere

Dear UHD Colleagues,

Over the years, I have published books and killed more than my fair share of trees and bytes. When my father was alive, I knew I could count on one person who would read the final products, although with my Dad, it was more like a case of typo-gotcha. (One time, when I gave a pretty big distinguished-type named lecture, he happened to be in town, and then said at the end, "Mijo, that was very interesting, but you used the word "finally" twice.)

I have been delighted to receive several gift copies of UHD faculty books, inscribed to me. I would like to ask that any faculty member who publishes a scholarly monograph, chapbook of fiction or poetry, or other book-length project share a copy with me. In turn, I will put them on display in the lobby outside my office, and after a time, will donate them to the W.I. Dykes Library. I will not only display them, but will call them to the attention of the many visitors who come through. And if any movies are made from your books, I promise we will host the world premiere here at UHD.

These gifts will also be tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law. And you will have the thanks of a grateful colleague.