11:36 AM

A Message from UHDPD Chief: Update Security Resources

Dear UHD Community

UHDPD Chief Michael Benford

As always, our heartfelt condolences are with the families who may have been impacted by the tragedies across our nation. It's important that during times as these that we come together as a community for a safe campus.

I would like to offer reassurance that the safety of our community remains the top priority and in light of recent events across our nation, I want to share our ongoing efforts to continuously improve public safety at UHD.

The University has a number of procedures in place to counteract possible threats to campus. These include personnel and resources in UHD's Police Department; comprehensive communications to reach campus community members on and off campus; and numerous training modules designed to prepare faculty, staff and students for a variety of scenarios.

UHD Police Department

  • UHDPD has increased its campus presence with the addition of uniformed security officers monitoring parking lots and entry points to every campus building.
  • The department offers civilian Active Shooter response training for faculty, staff and students (contact UHDPD to request training at 713-221-8065).
  • All UHDPD officers undergo bi-annual Active Shooter training.
  • Throughout the year, our department conducts routine drills, testing lockdown and classroom notification systems and training.
  • UHDPD safety technology plays a large role in safeguarding UHD, which include:

    • Remote access to lockdown all campus buildings, classrooms and labs
    • Manual lockdown classroom capabilities (for faculty and staff) which immediately notifies UHDPD Dispatch
    • More than 400 security cameras on campus
    • More than 180 Emergency Call Boxes

  • Partnerships with Houston area law enforcement agencies.


In the event of an emergency situation, UHD has the ability to notify the campus community through a classroom notification system (wall tablets in classrooms, digital signage, desktop monitors and television screens in building hallways) and a combination of communication platforms:

It is imperative that students, faculty and staff keep their contact information up-to-date in order to receive UHD alerts via text messages and email (UHD and personal emails). Community members can update their information at the following links:

Emergency Management Resources

The Department of Emergency Management provides Training Videos, Guides and Forms and other essential resources.

Please be aware that counseling services and other resources are available for all members of the campus community. To access theses services, visit Student Counseling Services and faculty/staff services.

In addition, the Office of Student Affairs has formed the Behavior Intervention Team—a multidisciplinary group to support students, faculty and staff to assess patterns of concerning behavior in individuals and groups.

Of course, one of UHD's greatest resources is its community. As much as UHDPD and other offices work diligently to protect our campus, your assistance makes a difference. Faculty, staff and students are urged to report suspicious activity to UHDPD that may pose a threat to campus. Likewise, all are encouraged to keep these UHDPD numbers programmed in your mobile phones and personal devices— 713-221-8065 (non-emergency) and 713-221-8911 (emergency). Also, know where to find the department. It is located in Room N118 of the One Main Building.

It's vital that our community works together to maintain a safe campus, where we can learn and work. Being aware of existing resources on campus, maintaining updated channels of communication and knowing how to contact UHDPD will make a difference in safeguarding this University.

Chief Michael Benford

UHD Police Department