08:38 AM

A Message from UHDPD Chief: News Regarding Social Media Threat to UHD

Aug. 21, 2019

Dear UHD Community,

Recently, the local news reported an incident in which someone directed a threat through social media at UHD.

The language used in the suspect’s social media post was flagged by federal authorities and the person was immediately arrested away from campus by the Houston Police Department. At no time was our campus security compromised nor was the UHD community in danger.

Local authorities have reason to believe that the language used on social media was posted by the suspect during a moment of frustration. Still, language that implies a threat to any property or person is indeed a federal and a state offense. Those who use threatening language through online platforms are subject to arrest.

This incident is a reminder that social media users should not take for granted the impact of their words. Whether someone makes a statement out of frustration or in jest, certain words or phrases are taken very seriously by the authorities, particularly the UHD Police Department.

I will reiterate that our campus was not at risk during this situation, and the safety of faculty, staff and students is UHDPD’s top priority.I also encourage members of our community to be vigilant when they see communications (either online or through other platforms) that can be considered as threatening.

Report any suspicious social media posts, flyers or other forms of communication to UHDPD immediately.The campus is equipped with more than 180 emergency call boxes to report incidents. We also can be reached at 713-221-8065 / 713-221-8911 (emergency) or at our office N118. Community members can also email us at UHDPolice@uhd.edu.

Our community is our greatest resource in safeguarding UHD, and it’s important that we continue to work together to maintain a secure campus.


Michael Benford
UHD Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police