09:45 AM

$250 Tuition Rebate Available for Business Transfer Students

By Mike Emery

The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) continues to make higher education affordable, accessible and achievable for students. This spring, a new tuition rebate program will support community college students transferring to UHD’s Marilyn Davies College of Business.

Students who are dual enrolled at community colleges and at UHD are eligible for a rebate that will offset student debt and ultimately help them Finish UHD Strong. These students will receive $250 for each UHD business class taken during spring 2019.

The rebate program, said Dr. Justo Manrique, associate dean at the Marilyn Davies College of Business, is available to those students who are taking their final community college classes and getting a head start on UHD courses in spring 2019. The benefits of dual enrollment extend beyond tuition savings, he added.

“Dual enrollment helps familiarize students with the institution that will ultimately grant them bachelor’s degrees,” Manrique said. “They also can begin using the resources at UHD and the Marilyn Davies College of Business, which include the college’s Career Center and computer labs, as well as the opportunity to join student professional development organizations.”

Manrique added that students who are dual enrolled also benefit from additional opportunities for financial aid. Students will be able to apply for financial aid at both UHD and their respective community colleges.

“Another advantage of dual enrollment is that students can graduate on time … if not early … with their Bachelor of Business Administration degrees,” he said.

Students interested in the $250 rebate and dual enrollment at UHD’s Marilyn Davies College of Business are encouraged to contact the Marilyn Davies College of Business Advising Office at 713-221-8675 or cobadvise@uhd.edu. The office is located in UHD’s Shea Street Building (320 N. Main Street), Suite B 101.

About the University of Houston-Downtown

The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD)—the second largest university in Houston—has served the educational needs of the nation’s fourth-largest city since 1974.

As one of four distinct public universities in the University of Houston System, UHD is a comprehensive four-year university led by Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz. Annually, UHD educates more than 14,000 students; boasts over 50,000 alumni and offers 44 bachelor’s and eight master’s degree programs within five colleges (Marilyn Davies College of Business; Humanities & Social Sciences; Public Service, Sciences & Technology; and University College). In 2018, UHD grew its First Time in College student population by 11 percent and transfer students by 14 percent.

UHD has the most affordable tuition among four-year universities in Houston. It also is ranked among 15 U.S. universities with lowest net price to students (according to the U.S. Department of Education). The University is noted nationally as both a Hispanic-Serving Institution and a Minority-Serving Institution. For more on the University of Houston-Downtown, visit www.uhd.edu.