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Colleges Give the Disabled More Leeway: Students Who Have Mental Health Issues Get Extra Time on Tests, Other Accommodations—The Wall Street Journal
As many as one in four students at some elite U.S. colleges are now classified as disabled, largely because of mental-health issues such as depression or anxiety. 

New Privacy Law Makes Europe World’s Leading Tech Watchdog—The New York Times
Notices are flooding people’s inboxes en masse, from large technology companies, including Facebook and Uber, and even from parent teacher associations, children’s soccer clubs and yoga instructors.

Trump’s Crackdown on Students Who Overstay Visas Rattles Colleges—The New York Times
The Trump administration plans to crack down on international students and visitors who overstay their visas, stoking fears in the higher education community. 

Why Legalizing Sports Betting is Good for the NCAA—The Chronicle of Higher Education
United States Supreme Court, in a long-awaited decision that is sure to have major implications for college athletics, struck down the federal ban on single-game sports betting in states other than Nevada.

How One University is Luring Top Honors Students With Social Justice—New Jersey Spotlight
Rutgers University-Newark has started an honors program that looks beyond test scores to students’ commitment to equality and social change.